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Designer - Aeolia Schenberg

* Guiding Celestial Being
* Approval of missions
* Recruiting individuals
* Mobile Suit control

Power source Unknown
Control systems

* Terminal Console
* Innovator Neural Interface

* Celestial Being
* Innovators

Veda (Sanskrit वेद, véda, "knowledge") is the super computer of the organization Celestial Being in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It's a powerful super A.I. construct based on real developing technologies of quantum processing. Veda is interlinked throughout all of Celestial Being's computers, including the Gundams. The Gundams themselves possess an operating system that's interlinked with Veda for tactical adaptation and mobile suit combat. The A.I. system routinely searches the world and discreetly recruit agents into Celestial Being and actively monitors the world for sources of conflict. All missions have always been required to be approved by Veda and the Gundams themselves are interlinked with the system. Veda is a homage to Hal of 2001 Space Odyssey. The name "Veda" may be a reference to the Vedas, a collection of ancient Hindu scriptures.

The Chosen

It's unclear how Veda screens and evaluates candidates for recruitment into Celestial Being. However, the vast majority of (if not all) the people who ever joined Celestial Being were chosen by Veda. Veda somehow noticed very specific people and entrusted to them the secrecy of Celestial Being and its objectives. From the Gundam Meisters to the crew members of the Ptolemaios and even Celestial Being's agents, they were all chosen by Veda for specific qualities that they possessed. However, Veda apparently does not calculate personalities and teamwork between these individuals into the equation, as the Gundam Meisters have demonstrated a penchant for bickering, and have even gone so far as to pulling guns on each other and threatening to kill each other on several occasions.

It is also known that those selected might not have agreed willingly, such as Gundam Meisters Marlene Vlady and Fon Spaak. Several others were drafted into Celestial Being against their will. Those untrustworthy (and yet operatives) to Celestial Being were given explosive neck braces which detonate when they become a serious threat. Marlene was eventually deemed trustworthy and had her explosive removed.


Veda is linked to the world's net, capable of absorbing a vast amount of data. It's unclear if Veda is capable of hacking since other Celestial Being members hacked for info; Veda is known to have classified government information. It is unknown whether the information was given by Celestial Being observers, done by itself or a combination of both.

Its internetwork systems are no different than modern internet LAN systems, but on more complex scales. Veda can communicate with the Haros of Celestial Being, but it is unclear whether Veda has influence or merely communicates with them; it would explain the Haros' ability to perform complex tasks and reflective thoughts to the Meisters. Veda's systems are linked with the Gundams and provide tactical knowledge as well as remote control with the Gundams.

Although Veda is an all powerful A.I. construct, it's still just an advanced operating system. Like all software, it can be altered or controlled. It has been revealed that Veda has 7 layers of firewalls for such a situation, nevertheless Ribbons Almark was capable of bypassing all of them. Sensitive data pertaining the profiles of the Gundam Meister's, GN Drives, and Celestial Being's mobile suit designs were taken due to unauthorized infiltration. Veda has been manipulated with certain commands that affect all operations of Celestial Being.

There also exist several bio-terminals, called the Innovators, that can telepathically connect with Veda through use of quantum brainwaves and GN particles as a catalyst. They can use this ability to great effect, like locating one of their own. When the Innovators connect to Veda, their eyes glow in a digital rainbow due. It has been hinted in interviews with director Seiji Mizushima that Veda is the primary cause for the world's current situation, including why Solar power is more commonplace than Nuclear energy (in order to prevent mankind from destroying itself) and the splitting of the world into the three power blocs (something of a proto-form of a unified world). All of this shows Aeolia Schenberg's plan great foresight as he was able to anticipate this events 200 years earlier.


It is unknown when Veda was built although it is known that it didn't exist during Aeolia Schenberg's time.

World Armed Intervention Campagin

Armed interventions

Veda was used by Celestial Being to conduct armed interventions against any nation, group or faction that promotes war. If all went according to Veda's predictions, then the eradication of warfare would've been complete and permanent peace would fall on the world.

After the appearance of the mysterious Gundam Thrones, Celestial Being began to suspect that Veda had been hacked for information on the GN drives, as the Thrones weren't within Veda's database and the fact that the Throne pilots knew the true name of at least two Gundam Meisters (Setsuna's and Lockon's).

During Celestial Being's first battle against the UN Army's GN-X forces, Corner remotely deactivated the Gundams through Veda's network interface with Celestial Being computers, rendering them immobile and vulnerable to attack; Sumeragi Lee Noriega managed to implement a new Stand Alone operation system that had been designed by Christina Sierra and Feld Grace, allowing the Gundams to function independently from Veda.
Aeolia's Legacy

In all of Aeolia Schenberg's anticipations, he calculated there might be a day that someone will misuse Veda and use it for their own purposes, void of his ideals. When Alejandro Corner found and hacked into Veda's terminal, he uncovered Aeolia Schenberg resting in a cryogenic stasis pod. He shot and killed Schenberg, but by doing so activated a system trap (a series of actions prepared to execute should Veda and Celestial Being become compromised) should Schenberg die. It's currently unclear about the depth characteristics of the system, but it activated internal programming that not even Celestial Being knew existed. It granted the real Gundams a new capability, the Trans-Am System and erased the personal data on the Meisters.
Innovator Control

Ribbons Almark and his Innovators group later used Veda for the construction of their own Gundam-derived mobile suits and to control the Earth Sphere Federation by (among other things) concealing the atrocities of the A-Laws. Celestial Being planed to eventually retake Veda to expose the A-Laws' true nature - if they would know its location. So Setsuna suggested that they ask someone who does know: the Innovators themselves. Simultaneously, Regene Regetta gave Wang Liu Mei the coordinates to Veda's core, who was able to deliver them to Setsuna before being killed by Nena Trinity. It was later shown that Veda is located on the Innovator's massive mothership, the CBS Celestial Being, which is located in point Lagrange 2 (Moon's dark side).

Uniting with Tieria

After Tieria Erde died, his mind and consciousness were transferred directly into Veda. Tieria has become one with Veda and now has control of all that Veda has access to. Through remote access, Tieria/Veda took control of GN-009 Seraphim Gundam and activated the Trial System to paralyze all enemy mobile suits in order to save his comrades.
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Веда (Veda)

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