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Innovator is the classification of a natural human that has evolved to utilize quantum brainwaves in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Generally called Genuine or True Innovators, they are humans that naturally evolved from exposure to concentrated high grade GN particles. The evolutionary process is also called Innovation. The full capabilities of a naturally evolved Innovator is unknown, only Setsuna F. Seiei is the first documented case of becoming a real Innovator. With Setsuna as only reference, a Genuine Innovator in theory have the ability to sense other users of quantum brainwaves, telepathic abilities to sense thoughts and feelings of neighboring people, enhanced reflexes to anticipate actions, and use GN particles to vent specific emotions/feelings towards other people. It's not completely clear if a natural Innovator is capable of interfacing machinery like an Innovade can. The full capabilities of a real Innovator aren't fully undefined. Their use of quantum brainwaves is classified as A-Class, surpassing those of Innvoades (B-Class users) and HRL's Super Soldiers (C-Class users)[1].

According to Ian Vashti, Innovation is caused by the GN Particle's special state in Trans-Am (Trans-Am Raiser and Trans-Am Burst System specifically). He theorized that it may be possible that this special state of GN Particles can even be felt regardless of range, and that more possible genuine Innovators has awakened as a result of Trans-Am Burst that Setsuna used during the battle with the Innovators. In addition, he is also worried that the Earth Sphere Federation now possessing the Trans-Am System technology will notice its relation to Innovation.

Known Innovators

* Setsuna F. Seiei
* Descartes Shaman
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